Bio-Lok® Microbe Shield


The Power of Bio-Lok® Microbe Shield

In addition to excellent gloss and color retention, Bio-Lok® surfaces are naturally impervious to the penetration and proliferation of microorganisms without the need of added chemicals. Hygienic, environmentally responsible, durable and easy-to-clean – that’s the Aristech difference.

What is Bio-Lok®?

Bio-Lok® characterizes the surface of Aristech Acrylics’ sheets.

  • Microbe Shield: protection or defense against microbes. The non-porous nature of Aristech’s BIO-LOK sheet defends against the penetration of microorganisms into the surface.
  • Free from added chemicals: Aristech’s BIO-LOK sheets do not contain any anti-microbial chemicals, pesticides or other additives.
  • Non-Porous: without pores or holes. Aristech’s BIO-LOK sheets do not have the pores or holes that represent a desirable habitat for microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and germs, as well as the food sources they need to reproduce and survive.
  • Easy to Clean: Because Aristech’s BIO-LOK sheet is non-porous all dirt is surface dirt that can be easily removed.
  • Durable: lasting for a long time, especially without sustaining damage or wear. Aristech’s BIO-LOK sheets maintain their color and gloss over years of use with the appropriate care and maintenance.

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