Frameless Glass Enclosures

Frameless glass enclosure can add class and style to your new shower. By eliminating the trim your glass enclosure will be much easier to clean and it will give the impression of spacious shower. Often called Euro glass these enclosures are made of a heavy duty clear...

Built in Grab Bar

The walk-in tubs have a grab bar built right into the side of the tub increasing your safety while you are in the tub. It help to reduce the risk of accidents while you are sitting down and standing up inside the tub. It also help those who need the assistance of...

Lever Style Faucets

Each of our walk-in tubs comes equipped with lever style faucets to make it easy to use for all of our clients regardless of their physical abilities. By using levers you don’t have to squeeze or grip the faucets making them much easier to use as we age.

Easy Entry Door

All our walk-in tub models come with a low threshold entry for easy and safe access to your walk-in tub. The easy entry doors are completely water tight when closed and have a lifetime guarantee on the seal. This makes makes it easy for you to step in to your bathtub...

Corner Showers

Our Neo-angle shower pans are built to go right into Ā a corner saving you space in your bathroom. These shower pans only require two walls so they can easily fit into basement bathrooms where space is limited.