400% More Scratch Resistant than Other Tubs

After just 600 wipes with a dry cloth our competitors tub is WORNOUT while the Bath Crest tub is still shiny and is super easy to clean. Our Cross-linked acrylic will maintain it’s shine and beauty long after cheaper acrylic bathtubs, showers and bathtub liners have worn out. Settling for a cheaper acrylic will only mean that your customers will call you wondering why your ‘lifetime guaranteed’ product has worn out and lost it’s shine. With our exclusive cross-linked acrylic the shine and beauty will last improving your customer satisfaction, customer referrals and greatly limiting costly repairs and callbacks from unhappy customers.
  • Our Acrylic Molecular Weight – HIGH
  • Others Acrylic Molecular Weight – LOW
  • Our Acrylic Scratch Resistance – EXCELLENT
  • Others Acrylic Scratch Resistance – POOR
  • Our Chemical Resistance – EXCELLENT
  • Others Chemical Resistance – POOR
  • Our Resistance to Splitting – EXCELLENT
  • Others Resistance to Splitting – POOR

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