Acrylic Walls

Prolux EasyCare Acrylic Wall Surrounds

Our acrylic wall surrounds are designed to go right over the existing walls. They come with bullnose ends so that you get a beautiful finish without having to use trim. We use a 3-piece wall surround making it the most versatile and customizable surround on the market.

By going over the existing walls you eliminate the extra costs and mess associated with full tear out. Our unique installation process is so strong that the wall panels will never come loose or peel away like the inferior products used by others.

Color selections include the solid tub colors white, crème, and bone, as well as a variety of marble and stone patterns. We can also form all of are wall colors to look like tile, giving the homeowners the look of tile without the problems and maintenance that come with tile and grout.

Tile patterns come in 4×4, 6×6, 11×11, and beveled subway tile.

Simulated Tiles Options