Patented Walk-Thru

The Original Patented Walk-Thru Insert

In addition to the full line of bathroom safety products, Prolux produces the Patented Walk-Thru insert.

The majority of all slip fall accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. The Walk-Thru helps homeowners to make their bathroom safer at a fraction of the cost of tearing out the tub and replacing it with a shower or a walk-in tub.

This product provides our dealers with a simple way to help just about anyone no matter what budget they have, without sacrificing all their profit. The walk-thru is can be installed in a matter of hours.

For those customers who may be concerned about losing the functionality of their tub, our Patented Quick Tub Door allows them to simply convert their shower back into a functioning bathtub. Our unique process provides them with safety, convenience and independence at a price that fits within their budget.

Walk-Thru Bath Insert
Walk-Thru Bath Insert

Exclusive Walk-Thru Advantages:

  • Saves Customers Thousands $$$: Our Walk-Thru insert was designed to provide consumers a very affordable option to make their bathroom safer. It can be installed for a fraction of the cost of ripping out their existing bathtub and installing a full shower. Your customers will love the simplicity, affordability and comfort of their new Walk-Thru insert.
  • Installs in a Few Hours: The installation of the Walk-Thru insert can be completed in just a few short hours by a factory trained and authorized Walk-Thru installer.
  • Easy to Clean: Our patented design is ultra-durable and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Reduces Risk of Slip/Fall: Our patented design will lower the threshold of the bathtub by a full 9″ lowering the barrier of entry to about 6″ on the average tub. This will be much easier and safer for your customers to step through.
  • Full 24″ Opening: This is the largest opening of any formed step through insert on the market. It allows the
Thank you for your services. We have had many positive comments about your Walk-Thru Conversion. It has helped with our personal care to the resident by making it easier to get in and out. We will call for your service, again in the near future!! Thanks very much. Tim Stambaugh

The Brunswick at Longstown (PA)

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