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Increase your business by adding an affordable, High-Profit product line in a fast-growing market, you are bound to increase your business. At BathCrest we offer an affordable business model with the best products in the industry. Our product line offers significant savings over alternatives without sacrificing quality or beauty. Plus we offer sales training and powerful marketing tools to help you build a strong income stream.

The best part is… YOU ARE IN CHARGE. You’re building your brand and your business, not that of a franchise or a license agreement. DON’T spend your hard-earned money building some other company’s brand. BathCrest wants you to create the kind of business you’ve always wanted – one with a unique product line, with a real need and an unsaturated market. A business that offers solid profits from the beginning, not after years and years of hard work.

EasyCare Bath Products Dealer Program

Superior Products

Set yourself apart from the competition with a unique line of acrylic products that are 400% stronger and 300% thicker.

Digital Sales Tools

Our proven sales system combined with powerful digital sales tools and in-home demonstration samples will help your sales guys acquire lots of customers.

Proven Marketing Strategies

We have proven marketing strategies and collateral that will help you stand out from the competition and acquire leads at an affordable cost.

Internet Lead Program

With our proven, exclusive internet lead program you can get a consistent lead flow, at a low-cost per lead and a high lead to sale conversion rate.

Stunning Displays

Stand out from your competition at local events and festivals with our unique product displays that show the beauty and versatility of acrylic.

Sales Training

Our sales training and on-going sales support will help your sales people acquire more customers and more referrals, lowering your cost and increasing your profits.

Installation Training

We offer installation training both at our facility and video training to help your team be more efficient during the installation process.

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