Glazecote® Resurfacing Products

The Power of Glazecote®

In addition to excellent gloss and color retention, Glazecote® surfaces provide a beautiful new look to an old worn out tub. Hygienic, environmentally responsible, durable and easy-to-clean – that’s the Glazecote® difference. With nearly 4 decades of experience and over 1.46 Million bathroom projects completed nationwide, our Glazecote® has proved an industry leader and stood the test of time.

In the Bath Resurfacing space nearly 50% of resurfaced bathtubs fail within the first 12 months, NOT our Glazecote®. Our specialy designed products have superior bonding properties, higher scratch resistance and impeccable stain resistance.

What is Glazecote®?

Exclusive Glazecote® Advantages.

  • Strongest Bond Available: Other finishes merely sit on top of the surface and lose their adhesion when wet, causing them to flake off. But Glazecote actually shares electrons with the original surface, resulting in superior adhesion.
  • Outlasts Other Finishes: Glazecote’s® outstanding hardness and durability makes it easy to clean and more resistant scratches, chipping and damage from everyday wear and tear than any other resurfacing product on the market. You will love the durability and so will your happy customers.
  • Highly Stain Resistant: While other finishes yellow, Glazecote® withstood a six-day immersion in nine different household chemicals with absolutely NO changes in color. This will improve your customer satisfaction and greatly reduce your call backs.
  • Easy to Clean: Glazecote’s® unique chemical make-up and high-strength finish make it easy to keep clean. We also produce a cleaner that works incredibly well with our Glazecote®.
  • Exceeds Government Standards: Glazecote® meets requirements for new tubs established by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce (77-73) and Canadian Standards Association CAN/CSA (845-2-88).
  • Works on Most Surfaces: Our exclusive chemical make up and bonding technology works on nearly every bathroom surface. Glazecote® easily bonds to cast-iron, steel, fiberglass and even acrylic bathtubs. It can also be used to resurface sinks, cultured marble, fiberglass and even ceramic tile.
  • Unlimited Color Options: While it is true that 90% or more of your work will be in a White, Biscuit or Bone, Glazecote® offers custom color matching for those circumstances where customers want to match what they already have.

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